Lists of students I have supervised.

Current students

Undergraduate Project (Bachelor Project)

Contact me if you are interested in a project.

Former students

First year projects

  • 2012: Kathrine Groth, Erik Brentsen & Mads H.A. Madsen(Cosmic rays in Aarhus with the HiSparc array)

Experimental physics projects
  • 2011
    • Anne Hedegaard, Gandalf Saxe, Nadine B Sørensen, (Velocity estimation by doppler effect)
    • Cilie Hansen, Rasmus Rasmussen (Velocity estimation by doppler effect)
    • Christian V Prag, Christopher R Jacobsen, Lin L Li, Silas B Nissen (Finding R-Hadrons at the LHC)
    • Amanda, Mikkel, Simon S Mortensen (Finding R-Hadrons at the LHC)