Computer physics

Part of two courses on introductory mechanics at the Niels Bohr Institute,
  • Introductory Classical Mechanics
  • Intermediate Classical Mechanics

  • Description

    Physicists of today needs to be able to use programming to solve problems inaccessible with analytical techniques. This introductory course takes the approach that programming is best taught with motivation from a relevant field, in this case physics. Focus is on application and problems solving rather than formal computing.

    Learning goals


    • 1) MATLAB Installation, Basic programming (if, for, variables, vectors)
    • 2) Numerical methods (Runge-Kutta, Newtonian mechanics)
    • 3) Data analysis (Data import, plotting, fitting, mean, RMS)
    • 4) Numerical methods (Boundary value problems)
    • 5) Random numbers and monte-carlo techniques

    Vimeo screen casts