- Distributed computing in Python

GluinoAnalysis is a multiprocessing python environment, making it easier to perform data analysis on large datasets in an accessible programming language.
Since analysis of large datasets requires quite a lot of processing its normally done in Fortran, C or C++ but whole generations have been raised on dynamic programming languages such as Ruby, Python and Javascript, bridging high performance computing/analysis and the power of these languages is the main goal of GluinoAnalysis. Rather then optimizing the code by selective compilation and other low level solutions, GluinoAnalysis is based on multiprocessing. Since ntuple analysis is trivially parallelizable spawning N processes on the available CPUs leads to significant speedups compared to single threaded analysis. By using multiple computers connected to a common storage area GluinoAnalysis can spawn processes over a large number CPUs compensating for the interpreted language by sheer parallelism.